ICRWY Project Readers - Decodable (Code Level) Readers created by children.

Decodable readers are a hot topic, and I have already blogged about why I would prefer that these are called 'Code Level' readers, to refer to the CHILD and their learning process, rather than the books. Any book is 'decodable' if you know the graphemes (and so much more -reading is more than phonics and 'decoding')

I have asked children to help me to create new Code Level readers for the ICRWY project. The words are created using the graphemes we want to focus on (for blending prac) and Speech Sound Monsters (phonetic symbols for kids) show how to pronounce any that are unfamiliar. Download the SSP Spelling Piano app to decode and encode at Code level, and to see the Speech Sound Monsters (and their phonetic symbols) or use the free Speech Sound Monster app from James Fisher (thank you James)

These will be in the Code Level Reader bookshelf and I am trying to add it to the SSP Monster Mapping app, so everything in one place! Check it out on your tablet

I wonder what Stan's crocks will look like?

These are all about the learner's experience. The words may be unfamiliar to them as they use different words, depending on where they live! And aren't those the kinds of issues we need to be talking about with the children? What are 'pants' to you? What are 'flip flops'? Talking about words is as important as blending high frequency graphemes, and exploring the less 'regular' ones. Welcome to the world of learning to read and spell, with a focus on oral language, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabular knowledge and comprehension. A world in which all learners needs are met, they and where there is 'less teaching, more learning'. Miss Emma The Reading Whisperer

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