Why can't I recommend the Read, Write Inc (RWI) letter formation phrases?

I was recently given feedback by the DfE with regards to how Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach teachers teach children to form upper and lower letters correctly. We practise in a variety of ways, but for over a decade I have included the RWI letter formation pack in my class packs, and recommended them to all of my teachers.

Here I am in around 2010 demonstrating the formation and phrases, surrounded by my Speech Sound Puppets and Speech Sound Camera! Promoting the pack at the front of my mini 'stage':-) Thousands of Speech Sound Pics (SSP) teachers use the Read Write Inc letter formation phrases in term 1 of Reception, and I am unsure of why I should create something to replace it, just so that teachers are ONLY using my SSP resources. If something is better than I could create (or have the time to create) why on earth would I not promote the heck out of it, and give RWI more sales and exposure? Am I missing something? We use the same 'sassoon infant' type style so they totally 'fit' - I want children using exits - so why not? This is similar to the issue I outlined regarding my free Code Level Reader guide. I created a booklet of over 500 'decodable readers' from various publishers, which were analysed to ensure that they align with the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) systematic and sequential phonics teaching order. If I want to show support to publishers who are selling great resources, why not? Why not broaden the range of readers and resources, if they align, and teachers are clear about what to use and when? I am totally confused by this one.

Miss Emma The Reading Whisperer® Director of The Reading Hut Ltd (Dorset, UK)

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