Self-Teaching Phase

According to the self-teaching hypothesis (Share, 1995), word-specific orthographic representations are acquired primarily as a result of the self-teaching opportunities provided by the phonological recoding of novel letter strings. Phonological recoding is critical to the acquisition of word-specific orthographic representations as proposed by the self-teaching hypothesis.


Use Miss Emma's techniques to speed this along! Join the Orthographic Mapping support group for more!

Whether a parent or teacher of a child now writing sentences please ask them to write a sentence after thinking about it for 60 secs. They write it on the whiteboard.

Write it.

Check it.

Change it (if you have to)

- basic self-editing mantra lol.

Then put it aside.

Now YOU write the sentence, double spaced. Board or paper. They use Duck Hands, Lines and Numbers to Code Map the sentence. Discuss it and refer to Spelling Clouds if there is something new they have noticed.

Write those new words in their personal spelling book.

Get the original board out. The child self-edits their original work - if needed.

I ask them to comment on the process as if they are the teacher. How well did they do? Mark out of 10?

Miss Emma X